These days every business not only needs a well-optimised website but also a blog to maximize the opportunities that provides to interact and engage with prospects and customers in a meaningful way.

This means connecting with them in a manner that not only fulfils their needs but also provides the essential human interface that builds trust and keeps those customers and prospects coming back for more.

“People do not connect with businesses  – they connect with other people.”

That’s why personalizing your communications is the key to success in an increasingly sophisticated online marketplace.

A blog provides a central hub where the visitors to your website can peep behind the business curtain and connect with the people who are involved with it on a day-to-day basis. Simply having a blog button on your site will prove irresistible as people have become used to this as a chance to discover more and stay up to date.

Done correctly, your blog can act as a platform for news and announcements about your business, can answer the questions that most frequently arise and can even pre-empt complaints by dealing effectively with those that may have arisen in the past.